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Essential Setting Lotion – aka The LCS “Rocket Fuel” (LARGE – 250ml)

The Lindy Charm School Essential Setting Lotion 250ml   SShhhh-   It’s our secret weapon!  If you only ever buy one thing - then let it be this, our workshop debutantes swear by it.  With real holding power it keeps a girl’s curls twirling, her upsweeps uplifted & her “Do” simply dazzling all day!  Use on wet hair for the perfect long lasting Wet Set or even on dry hair with hot rollers, hot stick or even a GHD.  Also perfect for smoothing frizzyness caused by humidity or rain.  Just spray and fold through your hands to tame those locks.


Uses for the Essential Setting Lotion

  1. Wet Set – After washing your hair and whilst your hair is still damp, you can either create pin curls of pillow rolls of ever use your foam rollers. Take each section, spray with setting lotion then roll.  Remember the mantra.  Comb, Spray, Comb & Roll
  2. Dry Set – Can be used with any hotel tools such as hot rollers, GHD’s, curling tongs etc. Take each section, spray with setting lotion then roll.  Remember the mantra.  Comb, Spray, Comb & Roll
  3. Taming of the Shrew... Often our setting lotion is used to tame frizzy hair.  Brush hair first, then spray the lotion on to your hair then take sections of your hair and run your hands through them, clumping together and smoothing out.  Just play with it.
  4. Stop the Slip and Slide....I use our Essential Setting Lotion every time I touch a client hair as it create a bit of tack/a bit of grip so as when I am trying to style and roll the hair, it doesn’t slip through and out of my fingers/hands as sometimes happens especially when you have that perfect Victory Roll and just about to pin and it slips and unravels! Arrggghh!!! J
  5. I give you these two promises:    Your hair will take and hold curl and they will be nice and bouncy (not stiff and crispy) and 2.  If you do a proper brush out with a decent natural fibre brush, your hair will be super shiny and look amazing.

Not sure about any of the above?  Then you should attend one of our workshops on Vintage Styling and through the process/the day, the above are some of the tricks you pick up and learn.  Visit our website under workshops tab here:  OR, maybe you would like to hold your own workshop or  party?  Enquire today...

$22.00 (Incl. GST 10%)


  1. About the setting lotion. Is it like an alternative to overnight setting for pin curls? Do you put it in, do your pin curls, and once it’s dry it’s set? I’m doing hair and make-up for a school play that is set in the 1940s and I need to be able to do pin curls quickly without the hassle of overnight setting, but which will also hold throughout the play.

    • Hi there Maddy, It is an original formula that has been around since 1934 and yes they use to spray it in, (Wet or Dry) set their pin curls and when it dried (Quicker if done on dry hair) then there hair would come out how it was set but it would last. No need for lacquers just a light hairspray such as Cedel… If using for a play then spray hair and set in hot rollers, cool and spray with hairspray OR set overnight for longer lasting curl. Call me if you wish to know more. x

    • Hi Maddy, I sent you a response but not sure if it went through. Yes you can use this setting lotion which has been around and is the same formula since 1934. Use on Wet or Dry Hair, with hot roller, tongs, ghd or hot sticks OR you can spray and set your hair in pin curls overnight. Call me if you need to discuss. xx

  2. Hi, I’ve been wanting to try some vintage hair styles for a while now and after doing some research over the internet most people recommend LottaBody setting lotion but I saw your product and thought this would be a better option as I live in Australia. I was just wondering if your product is the type that would need to be diluted with water first or if you can use it straight out of the bottle? Also how long to the curls last?

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Liz

      Our Essential setting lotion is an original formula been around since 1934, no need to water or dilute down, just spray on hair for a wet or dry set with wither pin curls or any heated tools. It’s really effective, we call it our little rocket fuels and it is very popular… x

  3. This stuff is amazing. I got a bottle a few years ago and works so well. I put my hair up after it been washed just before I got to bed and the next morning I have wonderfully curled hair!

  4. Raelene Anne says:

    hi Chrissy,
    You haven’t been to Coolangatta for awhile and if you aren’t coming 2015, I was wondering if you could have a wee stall or some way at the Coolyrocks festival to have your products, (especially hair lotion) for us out of country visitors.Cheers from NZ

  5. Hi,
    Your setting lotion was recommended to me, but I live in Japan. Can it be sent overseas?
    And if so, how much would the postage be to Japan post code 501-8245.
    Thank you.


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