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  • $50 - "Pretty me up Quick" - The "I Don't know what to get her" Gift

    50 pretty me up quick the i dont 1415684095 2xwku8fzqd6wkr899bj56o Products
    How many ?

    Contains: *  Gorgeous Flower *  Swollow Bird Brooch *  Quick Essential Polka Dot Do Rag *  Hair Emergency Retro T...

  • $60 - The Essentials for a quick Get Away this Christmas - More than A Stocking Filler!

    60 the essentials for a quick get away thi 1415682375 2xwko8bsf4f0hbcqrdjcow Products
    How many ?

    Contains: *  A Christmas Patterned (Cherry's and Holly) DO Rag *  The Essential Quick Dr Shampoo for while your away *...

  • $ 200 - The All I Want is EVERYTHING Perfect Gift for her!

    200 the all i want is everything perfect 1415681465 2xwkl1ziovdnh63e93ao74 Products
    How many ?

    Contains: [gallery type="rectangular" ids="7657,7658,7659,7660,7661"] The Complete Essential Brush Kit, (Valued at $180...

  • It's Not About Weight!.. It's About SHAPE... Want to lose 2 INCHES in a flash?

    its not about weight its about shape 1406782327 2x8lsrqw7afjkeujydil1c Products
    How many ?
    Cinch Sizes * Remember, measure your waist and order the onle 2 inches under. Ie: if you are 30 Inch waist then order the 28 Inch

    The Lindy Charm School for Girls have been using and selling these waist cinches for a very long time now and there are 00's ...

  • Betty Bang Fringe in a Jiffy! Now with instructions!

    betty bang fringe in a jiffy now with instru 1416618927 2xz3h1eo2uo7vighsflou8 Products
    How many ?

    Easy as 1,2,3:  Section front of hair, bring forward, insert into centre opening of the Betty Bang enhancer and then roll un...

  • $35 - Secret Santa?

    35 secret santa 1415684462 2xwkvik2jqt0ik67m8ds74 Products
    How many ?

    Contains: *  The Perfect Pout LCS Russian Red Lipstick (As Voted No 1 by Miss Tara Moss) *  White Sweetheart Swallow Bi...

  • $100 - The His and Hers Perfect Gift Box... Who's your favorite coupled up, loved up friends? This

    100 the his and hers perfect gift box w 1415680470 2xwkhkyrfr1a8wdy06c9a8 Products
    How many ?

    The His and Hers Christmas Gift - $100 - Gift Wrapped/Boxed up and ready for under the tree: Contains: Her: *  Gree...

  • Essential Setting Lotion - aka The LCS "Rocket Fuel"

    essential setting lotion aka the lcs rock 1406184339 2x6ztmzkttozyp6et9a77k Products
    How many Item?

    The Lindy Charm School Essential Setting Lotion 250ml   SShhhh-   It’s our secret weapon!  If you only ever buy one th...

  • The Essential Pin Curl Clips

    the essential pin curl clips 1414678815 2xtvdjqo5yblgeuq0v0cu8 Products
    How many ?

    10 Double Pin Curl Clips to a Card Essential to giving volume and wave to any hair type whether you are creating 20's &...

  • Look at Me - Silken Pink Blusher

    look at me silken pink blusher 1414678442 2xtvc8vgaticubfjcr1s74 Products
    How many ?

    "Look at Me" - Silken Pink Blusher, a smooth light texture to create that healthy pink Sunday afternoon, snuggled up fireside...

  • The COMPLETE Essential LCS Makeup Kit - $200 Value - Yours for $170

    the complete essential lcs makeup kit 200 1414678230 2xtvbi8hwsifo16pp3ury8 Products
    How many ?
    Foundation Colours *

    Now that's some Charming Value right there...  I am so happy to bring you the best and most affordable way of having it all ...

  • Rubis Red Lip liner for your irresistibly perfect cupids bow – smooth it on like a kiss!

    rubis red lip liner for your irresistibly pe 1414677924 2xtvafscf9et96rxu1a4u8 Products
    How many ?

    Rubis Red Lip liner  for your irresistibly perfect cupids bow – smooth it on like a kiss! Premium quality pencil with a hy...

  • Perfect Pout Lipliner & Lipstick Set

    perfect pout lipliner lipstick set  1330824863 2rk1lng6t62morxc9mpo1s Products
    How many Item?

    Red Lip liner  for your irresistibly perfect cupids bow – smooth it on like a kiss! Premium quality pencil with a hypo-all...

  • Breathless Come – Hither Brow Pencil

    breathless come hither brow pencil 1414677480 2xtv8vzytcr7bncutf708w Products
    How many ?

     Breathless Come – Hither Brow Pencil, a  versatile earth brown colour for all skin tones & hair colours - frame your...

  • Your Natural Lashes, Longer, Thicker, Darker! How?

    your natural lashes longer thicker darker 1388904297 2vwghu8hdeyxduui8b0agw Products
    How many ?

    Through My sister and my Mum losing their eyelashes and eyebrows while going through chemo last year we were introduced to th...

  • Loveliness that costs so little!....

    loveliness that costs so littlelovelines 1340249120 2s9faqie9xye47kdhxogsg Products
    How many ?

    The  Make Up Range is designed to make you look your loveliest always, to be the very essence of beguiling charm.  Our simp...

  • The Essential Blotting Powder

    the essential blotting powder 1386823081 2vqupuybzsz59hosxv239c Products
    How many ?

    The LCS Team use this as primer...     As used and recommended by Dannii Minogue. Microfine milled pow...

  • Chrissy's Favorite - A Winner on the Field - 1940's/1950's Reproduction Felt Cocktail Hat - All H

    chrissys favorite a winner on the field 1406210520 2x72d0m13ye48spa1gmw3k Products
    How many ?

    1940's/1950's Reproduction Felt Cocktail Hat - All Hand Made by Mum Most of you would have seen or heard about My Mum's Fa...

  • Gangster Ball Styling with Mum's New 30's inspired Hats – Royal Blue with Pearl Bling

    gangster ball styling with mums new 30s i 1408694292 2xdr60rhiu6ty1fh8pa4u8 Products
    How many ?

    So September is Gangster Ball Month around Australia - Check out the Dates and times HERE: So Mum has put together a range ...

  • To do the best job, you need the best tools...Invest in your brush set that will last you a lifetime

    to do the best job you need the best tools 1406779141 2x8lhnffb49l9uoysihjpc Products
    How many ?

      Introducing a very limited special – Only 10 available - Value is $140 and yours today for only $90. Includes:...

  • The Essential Hair Travel Kit - ALL THIS?

    the essential hair travel kit all this 1406184713 2x6zuxzbj91fcucgv8ffgg Products
    How many ?

    All in one little handy bag... This Essential Hair Kit is perfect for al your travels... Handy, convenient and everything you...

  • NEW COLOURS NOW IN STOCK* - Price Reduced! - Snoods - Create that classic 40's look

    new colours now in stock price reduced 1353033677 2t7us4txzal0f6rtay3jls Products
    How many Item?
    Snood Colour *

    Snoods Bad Hair Day?  Going Dancing? Just want to style up those locks?   Create that classic 40's  look with our Nylon...

  • Suavecito - Firm/Strong Hold - 4 oz Pomade

    suavecito firmstrong hold pomade 4 oz po 1370135439 2uhwtotxtwjcj9xd5fwjy8 Products
    How many ?

    Our NEW generation of water-based pomade. All the same great features of our original Suavecito Pomade but with a deadlier gr...

  • Suavecito Original Hold - 4 Oz Pomade

    suavecito original hold 4 oz pomade 1370134838 2uhwrlfwycqd262a1oz4zk Products
    How many ?

      This Pomade grips your hair like wax, but is water soluble. Washes out just like a hair gel (the best...

  • Russian Red lipstick undisputably red! - a fabulous deep pigment for lasting colour.

    russian red lipstick undisputably red a fa 1398405979 2wm1p5owxh1ilcjgirc3k0 Products
    How many ?

    Russian Red lipstick  undisputably red! - a fabulous deep pigment for lasting colour. Our lipstick is enriched with soothing...

  • Reproduction Vintage Sunglasses

    reproduction vintage sunglasses 1387201231 2vrvdp86ca67idnwb1kao0 Products
    How many Item(s)?
    Sunglasses * Select the style of sunglasses

    The look with these amazing retro sunnies in a choice of fabulous styles.  Such great value, most people buy two!  All UV ...

  • Our favourite skunk brush - Best Blender Brush Ever

    our favourite skunk brush best blender brus 1386823264 2vquqhy3zciludacfdw2yo Products
    How many ?

    The LCS Team use this to blend the foundation.  2 layers for perfect coverage.  Best brush ever.   Our favourite skunk b...

  • The Essential Foundation for that Flawless Photo Finish

    the essential foundation for that flawless ph 1386822770 2vquorvkat7kyejo5gk64g Products
    How many ?
    Foundation Colours *

    The LCS Team use this on all their makeovers and photoshoots.     Renowned for their quality and flawless pho...

  • A Color for Every Day of the week - Flowers for Therapy...

    a color for every day of the week flowers f 1386326709 2vpile66hift9e6jl9mku8 Products
    How many ?
    Flower Colours * Pick a Colour

    Mon:  Woke up on the wrong side of the Bed?  - Go the Watermelon Colour... Tues: Running Late for that very important Da...

  • Suavecito Grooming Spray - 8 Oz

    suavecito grooming spray 8 oz 1370136843 2uhwyl8r8ovqfdxdxnh5a8 Products
    How many ?

    A fast and simple way to set and hold a difficult hair style! Use this hair spray to give an extra hold to your style. With S...

  • Suavecito Brilliant-Creme - For Guys and Girls!!

    suavecito brilliant creme for guys and girl 1370136951 2uhwyyta4ag2kmjjj7fym8 Products
    How many ?

    Suavecito has now taken the liberty to bring to you Suavecito Brilliantcreme (combination Brilliantine + Hair Creme). This is...

  • Suavecito Bay Rum After Shave - Smells AMAZING!!! Makes Him Snuggle Worthy!

    suavecito bay rum after shave smells amazin 1370136488 2uhwxcrhd472m7orl0114w Products
    How many ?

    A bottle of old fashioned bay rum after shave! Get that great just out of the barber’s chair scent and feel when you splash...

  • Suavecito Pre-Shave Lotion - 1oz

    suavecito pre shave lotion 1oz 1370136724 2uhwy6ah3vgbpm3n3kh4ao Products
    How many ?

    As promised, we have finally finished with the development of our fine Suavecito Pre-Shave Solution. Made with 100% natural e...

  • V Rolls Made Easy.. 1,2,3...

    v rolls made easy 123 1355886064 2tfjbp6vevc9er6e8peyo0 Products
    How many ?
    V Roll Colour * Black or Blonde

    Gibson Roll (One crescent moon shape roll just above nape of neck) or the Iconic V Roll shape as per the propaganda campaign ...

  • The Perfect Vintage Look

    the perfect vintage look 1370132477 2uhwjcnpf9rkrkz29mae4g Products
    How many ?

    Want To Create The Perfect Vintage Look? Do you want to be shown Step-By-Step how to get the perfect look from the 1930's,...

  • Define Eyeliner –a thrilling, liquid black radiance, quick dry & easy to apply for a flawless finish

    define eyeliner a thrilling liquid black 1358376496 2tm8ry5zycz4336up5d4ao Products
    How many ?

    Define Eyeliner –a thrilling, liquid black radiance, quick dry & easy to apply for a flawless finish  - you can have i...

  • Do-Rags - Look Fabulous In 7 seconds!! Perfect for the quick 1940's or 1950's Look

    do rags do rags look fabulous in 7 second 1330825978 2rk1pjjr1edlev7eqhurk0 Products
    How many Item?

    Classic 1940's or 1950's look in a cinch!  Ideal for short hair / messy hair / half finished hair / protecting your "do" / &...

  • Dolly Pegs - Dolly Pegs Make traditional pincurls fast!

    dolly pegs dolly pegsmake traditional pinc 1330826160 2rk1q6f06ndv7p22u5i3nk Products
    How many Item?

    Dolly Pegs       Make traditional pincurls fast! Set of three – one for your dressing table, one for your handbag &am...

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