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Nude Fishnet with Contrasting Back Seam "Pantyhose"


Nude Fishnet with Contrasting Back Seam - The perfect accompaniment to your vintage outfit. One size fits most.  Perfect fo...


Dolly Pegs - Dolly Pegs Make traditional pincurls fast!


Dolly Pegs       Make traditional pincurls fast! Set of three – one for your dressing table, one for your handbag &am...


Do-Rags - Look Fabulous In 7 seconds!! Perfect for the quick 1940's or 1950's Look


Classic 1940's or 1950's look in a cinch!  Ideal for short hair / messy hair / half finished hair / protecting your "do" / &...


The Essential Grooming Cream (No More Flyaways!)


It's one thing to curl or Victory Roll your Hair but the final look of perfection is all in the grooming of those flyaways. ...


Perfect Pin Curls While Beauty Sleeps - "The Essential Night Cap Set"


Now you have no excuse.. Perfect Pin Curls, protected under our new Lindy Charm School For Girls Satin Bed Cap.  Keep th...


Sturdy Grips in Retro Tins - Make Life Easy... Use the bobby Pins we do...


We have all been caught in the trap of cheap and nasty brands of grips and these invariably always lead to disappointme...


The Essential Pin Curl Clips


10 Double Pin Curl Clips to a Card Essential to giving volume and wave to any hair type whether you are creating 20's &...


The Essential Hair Travel Kit - ALL THIS?


All in one little handy bag... This Essential Hair Kit is perfect for al your travels... Handy, convenient and everything you...


Betty Bang Fringe in a Jiffy! Now with instructions!


Easy as 1,2,3:  Section front of hair, bring forward, insert into centre opening of the Betty Bang enhancer and then roll un...


Perfect Pout Lipliner & Lipstick Set


Red Lip liner  for your irresistibly perfect cupids bow – smooth it on like a kiss! Premium quality pencil with a hypo-all...


Look at Me - Silken Pink Blusher


"Look at Me" - Silken Pink Blusher, a smooth light texture to create that healthy pink Sunday afternoon, snuggled up fireside...


Rubis Red Lip liner for your irresistibly perfect cupids bow – smooth it on like a kiss!


Rubis Red Lip liner  for your irresistibly perfect cupids bow – smooth it on like a kiss! Premium quality pencil with a hy...


Define Eyeliner –a thrilling, liquid black radiance, quick dry & easy to apply for a flawless finish


Define Eyeliner –a thrilling, liquid black radiance, quick dry & easy to apply for a flawless finish  - you can have i...


Breathless Come – Hither Brow Pencil


 Breathless Come – Hither Brow Pencil, a  versatile earth brown colour for all skin tones & hair colours - frame your...


The Essential Foundation for that Flawless Photo Finish


The LCS Team use this on all their makeovers and photoshoots.     Renowned for their quality and flawl...


Russian Red lipstick undisputably red! - a fabulous deep pigment for lasting colour.


Russian Red lipstick  undisputably red! - a fabulous deep pigment for lasting colour. Our lipstick is enriched with soothing...


Our favourite skunk brush - Best Blender Brush Ever


The LCS Team use this to blend the foundation.  2 layers for perfect coverage.  Best brush ever. Our favourite skunk...


The Essential Beauty Pod


It's NEW.. It's now the MUST HAVE beauty tool and you can get it right here!  Introducing the Lindy Charm School for Girls E...


The Essential Boar Bristle Medium Roll Brush


An absolute must for the perfect brush out of any set.  Creates shine and retains bounce.  Use with The Lindy Charm School ...


The COMPLETE Essential LCS Makeup Kit - $200 Value


Now that's some Charming Value right there...  I am so happy to bring you the best and most affordable way of having it all ...


A Color for Every Day of the week - Flowers for Therapy... Large on a Duck Clip


Mon:  Woke up on the wrong side of the Bed?  - Go the Watermelon Colour... Tues: Running Late for that very importan...

Pick a Colour


Just Because! $25.00 - Includes:


  Secret Santa? ($25) : Includes: Peachy Keen Pin Up Scarf, A Set of Pin Curl Clips Matching Pin Up Flower on...


Loveliness that costs so little!....


The  Make Up Range is designed to make you look your loveliest always, to be the very essence of beguiling charm.  Our simp...


CINCHES: It's Not About Weight!.. It's About SHAPE... Want to lose 2 INCHES in a flash?


**Available in Black upon special request** Email me. The Lindy Charm School for Girls have been using and selling these w...

Remember, measure your waist and order the onle 2 inches under. Ie: if you are 30 Inch waist then order the 28 Inch


Essential Setting Lotion - aka The LCS "Rocket Fuel" (LARGE - 250ml)


The Lindy Charm School Essential Setting Lotion 250ml   SShhhh-   It’s our secret weapon!  If you only ever buy one th...


Just to Say Thank you!

$68.00 $55.00

Includes: .  125ml Essential Setting Lotion .  Navy Blue Swallow Brooch .  Watermelon Pink Rose Flower .  Sky Blue ...


Claudette's Urban Turbans - "Bang Bang Lou Lou"


She's Red, Fiery, Cheeky and Super Good Fun..and  I LOVE HER! Bang Bang Lou Lou - This is named after my Sister Elisha w...


For the Gal at the Top of your List ($50)


For the Gal at the Top of your List ($60): Includes: .  A Large Essential Setting Lotion; .  Red Pin Up Perfect Nylo...


Doris Day Says Yes!

$56.00 $45.00

Includes: .  Lemon Rose Flower .  Peachy Keen 50's Nylon Scarf .  Matching Peach Coral Studs and Swallow Brooch .  ...


The Essential Quick Do Kit

$60.00 $45.00

Includes: .  125ml Essential Setting Lotion .  Red Swallow Brooch .  Blood Orange Frangipani Flower .  Peach Keen ...


Nylon Scarves - 1940's and 1950's Style *NEW*


I LOVE my original Vintage Nylon Scarves, I have collected them for years but they are getting harder and harder to come by, ...



Get the Rockabilly Look for Revival Day!


“Revive Your Look” A Rockabilly Revival Styling Workshop Pin Curls, Pompadors, Bandanas, Victory Rolls, Winged Eyeliner ...


Claudettes Urban Turbans - "Luetta"


LUETTA - German, means - Fame, Fighter, Warrior She's Mint Green with a cream flower print int he fabric and loud and proud ...


Vintage Styling Workshop MELBOURNE - Sunday 28th February 2016


Melbourne - Lets Kick off this year with new vigor.. Revive Your Look for 2016! .. Join us and get your Glamour ON!  Sunday ...


Claudette's Urban Turbans - "Josephine"


This playful 20's inspired number was named after the famous Josephine Baker : Josephine Baker was an American-born French d...


Claudette's Urban Turbans - Strawberry Shortcake


Strawberry Shortcake - Delicious Candy Pink, dances happily with any outfit.. Dress it up, dress it down.  Another one of E...


Chocolate Colored Goodness - No Calories

$57.00 $49.50

Includes: .  Chocolate Colored 1950's Nylon Scarf .  Chocolate and White Spot "DO" Rag .  Pin Up Essentials - Nude Fi...


Essential Setting Lotion - aka The LCS "Rocket Fuel" (Small - 125 Ml - Travel Size)


The Lindy Charm School Essential Setting Lotion 250ml   SShhhh-   It’s our secret weapon!  If you only ever buy one th...


Perfect Pin Curls every morning? You Need our Perfect Set Night Cap - Only $15


No need for Satin Pillow Cases or Satin Scarves that slip off.  Why not go back to the original and best method of keeping y...


The Essential Blotting Powder


The LCS Team use this to prime, set and blot...  So popular we upsized it from the mini blot to full compact with mirror so ...


The Gibson Roll - A Low Chignon or V Roll Made Easy.. 1,2,3...


Gibson Roll - Create one crescent moon shape roll just above nape of neck, or maybe a low chignon  or use two for  the Icon...

Black or Blonde


5 Min 1940's Up Do - "The Hollywood Roll"


The 5 Min 1940's Out the Door Up Do - Have a look here how it works:   CLICK HERE This Hollywood Roll comes in three col...



Suavecito Original Hold - 4 Oz Pomade


  This Pomade grips your hair like wax, but is water soluble. Washes out just like a hair gel (the best...


Suavecito Pre-Shave Lotion - 1oz


As promised, we have finally finished with the development of our fine Suavecito Pre-Shave Solution. Made with 100% natural e...


$35 - A token gift yet says so much...


Contains: *  The Perfect Pout LCS Russian Red Lipstick (As Voted No 1 by Miss Tara Moss) *  Sweetheart Swallow Bird Bro...


$40 - Perfect Pin Curls While Beauty Sleeps


Contains: Satin Night Cap Full Size bottle of Essential Setting Lotion A Pack of 10 Sturdy Double Prong Pin Curl Clip...


Gift Vouchers - Don't know what to get them? Why Not let them choose for themselves?


  Yes, that's right Guys and Dolls you can purchase a Gift Voucher from us for any $ amount and this can be used ...