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Melbourne: Saturday 28th November - A Vintage Styling Workshop


Come and join us at the 1929 Dance Studios - Unit 1/281 Smith Street, Fitzroy North for a full day of vintage styling, hair a...


Sydney - A Vintage Styling Workshop for you- Get your Christmas Glamour On!


Our workshops are well known for being fun, informative, fostering and invaluable when it comes to wanting to know the "How t...


TOOWOOMBA - Sunday 29th November 2015: A Vintage Styling Workshop -part of the Handmade & Vintage Markets


 The Handmade and Vintage Market have asked us to come up and do a Vintage Styling Workshop and Pop Up Styling Salon on S...


Vintage Styling Workshops - GOLD COAST - Saturday 24th October 2015


Fancy a little old-school glamour? Let the Lindy Charm School for Girls Show you how to achieve these looks yourself. In th...

Fancy a little old-school glamour? Let the Lindy Charm School for Girls Show you how to achieve these looks yourself.

In these workshops we will show you how to achieve that primped, preened and ready for a Mr Cecil B DeMille Close-up in no time!

If you have ever dreamed of having that classic, vintage look but never knew how?

Do you long for a bit of 1940s glamour, 50’s cheesecake or retro style? Miss Chrissy and her Team can help you.

Introductory Workshop

In our Introductory workshop it is all hands on and we go through Vintage Hairstyling, Makeup from the 20′s to the 60′s and the importance of undergarments and all with a healthy dose of Charm.

Intermediate Vintage Hairstyling Workshop

In our Intermediate Vintage Hairstyling workshop you will be guided through 5 very popular Vintage Hairstyles and you will be made to achieve each of them in the class with our help. This is intensive and hands on and you will have had to complete the first course before attempting this one.

Class Time

Classes begin promptly so please arrive 10 mins prior to class commencement so as not to miss out on any of the fun!

Our workshops specialise in participation and everyone getting involved, so to ensure you achieve the most out of our classes we advise you to bring some necessary items.

Things to bring with you

  • Your own make up – Don’t stress if you do not possess much but a mascara, eye liner, foundation, Blush Powder, & lippy would be good.
  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Stand Up Makeup Mirror
  • Hairspray

NB: Hair is easier to work with if it is not FRESHLY washed…

  • Styling tools such as hot rollers, foam rollers, curling irons are optional as we instruct you on styles with and without the use of any tools.

Intermediate Workshop attendees need to bring (in addition to basics above) the following:

  • 2 Slide Combs (matching your hair colour)
  • Hot Rollers and/or Hot Sticks

NB: We do sell the following items at the workshop if you wish to bring some extra cash with you:

  • The LCS Essential Perfect Pout Lipstick & Liner Set – $30
  • The LCS Essential Makeup Kit – $75
  • Betty Bang Fringe – $5
  • Gibson Roll – $10
  • Bump – $5
  • Flowers – $3
  • Snoods – $20
  • Do Rags – $10
  • Essential Setting Lotion – $20
  • Dolly Pegs – $5
  • Pin Curl Clips – $10
  • Cuban Heeled Pantyhose – $20
  • Seamed Nude Fishnets – $20
  • Reproduction Sunglasses – $25

Workshop Content


Learn fundamental techniques to set you on your way to creating unique vintage hairstyles.
Basic techniques include:

  • Pin curling – Learn to create a perfect pin curl and the basic principles behind pin curl styling.
  • Victory Rolls – Learn to style your hair using this versatile & classic look
  • Setting Hair – Learn to use what ever you have (hot rollers, foam rollers, curling iron & pins etc) to give yourself an easy and stylish vintage look.
  • Fringe care – Tips and tricks for styling your fringe perfectly.

Make Up

  • Core tips, tricks and basic application techniques.
  • Begin with a vintage inspired base to build upon. Learn about styles, colours and applications from the 1930’s through to the late 1950’s

Fashion & Textiles

This is dependent largely on time and the requirements of the ladies in workshop.

Learn the importance of undergarment and, time permitting, to distinguish different decades by learning about fabrics, patterns & designs. What is and what isn’t vintage… Advice on cuts and styles to suit you, so you can begin to create your unique vintage wardrobe.

 *NB  Sadly it is not enough to rely on good manners anymore when it comes to non-attendance at a workshop after your place has been booked, paid and confirmed, I now have to make note of the following:  

The Good Manners Refund Policy:

  • 48 Hours notice of inability to attend due to unforseen circumstances = 60% refund (either cash or product)
  • 24 Hours notice of inability to attend due to unforseen circumstances = 40% refund (either cash or product)
  • Advice on the day of workshop of inability to attend due to unforseen circumstances = 25% refund ( product)
  • No show/No advice – No Refund